Chance to Win a Bet as a Team

Chance to Win a Bet as a Team

  1. Performance of the Team: Factors such as the team's performance in the last matches, injured players, whether the team will play at home or away are taken into account.
  2. Statistical Analysis: Statistics such as past match results, results in matches between two teams are looked at.
  3. External Factors: External factors such as team news, player transfers, coach changes may affect the rates.
  4. Market Dynamics: İddaa can adjust the odds depending on how much money users deposit on which outcome.
  5. Margin: Like all betting companies, İddaa determines the odds by considering the profit margin.

However, when betting in Turkey, it is important to pay attention to sites other than legal platforms. Betting on illegal sites is both prohibited and may expose users to various risks. Betting on illegal sites is considered a crime in Turkey and is subject to legal sanctions.

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